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Frequently Asked Questions


River House Custom has an hourly rate of $60/hour with a $40.00 minimum charge for gunsmithing work. If unexpected repairs need to be made which will add to estimated cost, the customer will be called first to approve this extra charge. 

Time for work to be completed?

This of course varies by type of job. Simple repairs can usually be completed in 1-2 weeks, full refurbishments can take several weeks. Sometimes when parts are rare or unavailable the part has to be made which adds to work time. 

What is the best way to contact you?

It is best to text me first at 314-283-0405 as I am a one man shop and often up to my elbows in grease and oil and can’t pick up the phone immediately. I can usually call you right back within minutes, but if not, within 30-60 minutes for sure. 

Can repairs be made while I wait?

Unfortunately work cannot be completed while the customer waits, the firearm will need to be dropped off for repair. 

Can someone else pick up my gun for me?

According to ATF rules and regulations, a firearm MUST be returned to the same person who dropped it off, without exceptions. 

Do you accept credit cards?

I do not accept credit cards at this time due to difficulties that professionals involved with the gun industry have with banks and credit cards companies. I will accept cash, personal checks or money orders. 

May I send you my firearm?

You may, but please text/call me first due to ever changing delivery regulations. It can sometimes be difficult. I am able to pick-up firearms within a limited range as I travel between the Washington, MO and St. Louis area several times a week. Again, best to text/call me to set this up. 

Where are you located?

My address is in Hermann, MO but I am actually located closer to Gasconade, MO. I am approximately 14 minutes from downtown Hermann, MO. 

I messed up my firearm trying to take it apart or do some gunsmithing. Can you help me out?

Absolutely. We have all been there. You think you can fix something yourself, but something happen that wasn’t covered in that You-Tube video! I am guilty of doing that with my plumbing, so I know the feeling. I promise I will not judge you. We affectionally call that, “Bag-O-Gun”, when a customer brings in their partially disassembled gun in a plastic bag. 

Can you disable my guns magazine safety?

I don’t like magazine safeties either. That is, the gun will not fire (on safe), when the magazine is out of the gun. Due to liability issues, I do not alter a firearm from its manufacturer’s original configuration. If a safety has been disabled prior to my repair, I am obligated to return the safety to full functionality.

Can you test fire my firearm with my hand-loads?

Unfortunately, due to liability issues, I only use factory ammo to test fire your firearm. 

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