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About Us

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River House Custom, LLC is a one-man shop run by me, Greg Zydiak. I’ve tinkered with guns for over 25 years and in May 2018 I Decided to turn my love of gunsmithing into a business.


I am a general gunsmith, which means I can repair and make new parts if needed, not just a parts swapper. I also can help with your customization to achieve heightened reliability, accuracy and/or beauty to your guns of the 20th century that have been neglected or forgotten over the years.


I have fallen in love with the process of rust bluing which is a lost art and produces what I believe is the most beautiful and by the way durable finish ever.


my supervisor


Hard at work.

Work in progress

I understand the benefit of further self-education. Here I am, attending a 1911 class by the master, Bob Marvel in 2017.

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